Urban Index Score


Your Urban Index Score  is the dynamic metric ‘picture’ created by the interplay of the five (5) criteria: Walkability, School Quality, Public Transit, Austin Culture, and Nature Access. These criteria dramatically inform the home selection process. The highest score is 100%. A perfect 100% Urban Index Score would denote the perfect urban living experience.


Walkability – ability to walk to useful and interesting shops, eateries, businesses, and attractions

Schools – standardized Texas schools rating system

Public Trans – amount of, and ease of access and sensibility of – all forms of public transportation.

Austin Culture – amount of and proximity to culturally and/or historically and/or relevant Austin landmarks, local businesses, eateries & bars, historic sites, creative areas, creative populations, nature destinations, architecture (residential and businesses) that best exemplify Austin culture.

Nature Access – ease of access and proximity, and also quality of, natural environments.


How To Use the Urban Index Score

The five criteria that make up the Urban Index Score  hold different values, for different people.

For example: parents may be looking for a higher School score whereas someone with no kids may care less about this criteria and may focus more on the Austin Culture & Nature Access scores.

A high Urban Index Score  just means that a particular property has good marks on all criteria, but for most lifestyles, it’s not necessary for all the criteria areas to have top scores. An Urban Index Score  of 50% is all well and good as long as the criteria YOU care about have the high scores that support your unique lifestyle.